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How can I trust the information provided in essay reviews?

We do not try to mislead you. All we need is to provide the information you need in a neutral format. This is how you can make the best choice. We ask our editors to share unbiased opinions about the quality of essay services, and you should not expect that we will provide biased information to promote our market position.

How often do you post essay reviews?

We are extremely responsible for our reviews, and we need to know that the information we provide is reliable and valid. This is why, before posting our reviews, we process then. Usually it takes us up to two weeks to collect the review information, research and analyze this information, and estimate/ evaluate the quality of the final product. We also evaluate the quality of services provided by other companies and post the results of quality evaluations completed by our editors.

How often do you update the existing reviews?

When it comes to the essay reviews made for other websites and services, updates are initiated once a change has taken place which affects the quality of the website’s performance. Once these changes take place, our editors will review the service again, and you will see changes in the existing reviews, only if the change is significant.

How much does it cost to submit a web-site for an essay review?

You do not have to pay for it. Our editors review and submit essay reviews without any price or payment. If you need to post a review request, click here.

Is there anything I can do if my website receives a bad mark?

You do not need to kill yourself if your website is not the best. All you have to do is to understand that a bad review is the source of important information for you. Take a bad review as a driver of positive changes and restructure your performance. However, if you still feel that we have been unfair to you, click here.


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