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Website Usability

This company has a well designed website that offers easy access to any and all information that their customers need, with regard to answering a question or ordering a paper.


Pricing is contingent on difficulty level and how much time is provided for turnaround time.  Prices are, overall, very reasonable and can accommodate most budgets.  They go higher with the level of difficulty and the time closest to the deadline.  For example, University academic level is $41.99 for 1 page of approximately 300 words. The cheapest deal would be 1 page of High School level in 11-14 days - $10,00

Customer Support

This support team is open around the clock, 7 days a year.  They are accessible directly from the website via a live chat link, or they can be reached by email or telephone.  They are friendly and easy to speak with, and are quite helpful in all kinds of areas pertaining to their service.  For example, if someone needs help ordering a paper, they can walk that person through the process and help choose the options that are best suited to his or her needs.  They can also arrange it so that the customer can speak directly to the professional writer who is writing the customer’s paper.  This comes in handy if the customer has made special customization requests, and helps prevent any types of misunderstandings.  This is a customer service department that is well educated about the ins and outs of the custom essay business.  They really know what they are doing!

Writing Quality

This essay service offers maximized writing quality for each project that it undertakes.  They even offer guarantees that there will not be any plagiarism or common errors.  Best of all, however, is the fact that the writing that they do is undertaken by professional writers, all of whom are native English speakers who have a specialty field.   The quality is excellent.  These people are incredible! They have highly trained editors who check over everything. 

Special Considerations:

  • They accept all major credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers as payment options
  • Customer service never closes
  • Free, unlimited rewrites for the first 48 hours
  • Well above average quality
  • Sample papers available
  • Editing services available
  • Great customer satisfaction guarantees


Overall, this is an excellent company that is well organized and that works seamlessly to provide the best service and products that any customer could possibly hope for.  Their website is clearly written and easy to navigate, and they offer a very wide range of products and services, from editing to sample papers to actually writing a customized paper.  This is an honest, reliable writing service that is one of the pioneers in the industry.  Customers can expect excellence.

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