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Website Usability:

The website is exceptionally simple to use.  All the pertinent information is linked on the startup page of the site.  Users are given immediate and easy access to such information as:  how to order, what the pricing is, what the company’s guarantees are and contact and chat information for customer service.  Users are shown a well-structured order form that allows them to choose either UK English or US English and the formatting such as MLA or APA.  The levels addressed are from high school to graduate school levels.


There are  many different levels of pricing.  This company allows the customer to make decisions about how much to spend.  The customer who turns in an order with plenty of time to spare, for instance, pays less than the customer who asks for a rush order.   The number of pages is a factor, the level of difficulty and the complexities involved in conducting research are other factors.  The company does have an excellent discount policy for repeat users. The order will cost $15,99 per page for standard level service within 10 days deadline. The most expensive is premium level service with 6 hours deadline; it will cost $43.99 per page. Regular discount policy offers 5%, 10% and 15% off, depending on the number of pages ordered


The quality of the papers is consistently excellent.   Total customization is not only achievable, it is enacted without fail.  Each and every detail that a customer requests will be in the paper, each and every time.  The company also consistently delivers papers with plenty of time to spare before the deadline, depending, of course, on how much notice they are given. 

Order processing peculiarities

  • Essay services are provided for student assistance only
  • Customers are given 48 hours period in which free revisions may be requested
  • There is an unlimited number of revisions offered
  • All writers are highly experienced
  • No paper has been plagiarized.  Everything is 100% original

Customer Support

The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes holidays. There are options on the website to communicate with customer service representatives through the easy-to-use chat interface, or via email.  They also provide a telephone number that allows customers to speak with someone directly.

The customer service for this company is well organized and well informed.  If a customer does not understand how to order a paper, a customer service representative can walk the customer through the process in an informed and friendly manner.  There are no “dumb” questions as far as these representatives go.  They are helpful, friendly and know what they are talking about.


This is a highly recommended writing service. The writers are true professionals and experts in their fields. The customer service is the best. The prices are very reasonable and the work is high quality.

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