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Website usability

The interface of this website has clearly designated tabs that provide all of the information that is needed to order a paper.  Full explanations of the services offered, the privacy policy, FAQ’s, pricing and so forth is easily accessible.    The site is attractive, simple to navigate and one that answers all questions thoroughly.  There is a chat window, so customers who have questions or need help ordering a paper can talk directly to a customer service representative. 


The total price paid for an academic paper assignment depends on many factors.  The company’s pricing structure is tiered so that even the most restricted budget can accommodate the basics. The prices are realistic and reasonable and are not overcharged.  The other thing is that the pricing system is spelled out very clearly, so that each student knows what he or she is getting before the credit card number is given out.  In other words, there are no hidden charges.  Compared to a lot of the other essay services, this one is on the low to middle price range. One needs to pay 11.99 per page for High School paper and 44.99 per page for a rush Master’s paper. There is discount policy that starts at 4%. For the first order.

Customer Support

The customer support department of this writing service is one that is rarely seen anywhere.  First, the department stays open all the time. They don’t even close for holidays.  Second, the customer service agents are not only friendly.  They are also smart and can help guide customers through any issues or situations that have anything to do with academic writing.  Third, they go out of their way to be helpful and can even help customers talk directly to the writers, if necessary.  It is a truly fabulous customer support department.

Writing quality

The quality of the writing is exceptionally high.  The writers take care to make sure everything in terms of customization, is included in the order.  They have strict editorial standards, so every paper is double checked for errors and is not given back to the student until said errors, if any, are corrected.  The formatting is always expertly executed, too.

Order processing peculiarities

  • Credit cards, money orders, wire transfers and PayPal are accepted payment methods
  • Guaranteed to meet deadline
  • Free revisions
  • Paper belongs to customer
  • 100% privacy
  • 100%  original paper


Overall, the quality and professionalism of this company is unsurpassed. They clearly know what they are doing and they do it well. The pricing is quite fair and reasonable. The quality of the written products is excellent. Customer service is great. This essay writing service gets very high marks in our books. It exemplifies everything a writing service should be.

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