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The landing page of is divided into 3 sections which make it difficult to understand - all the services they offer (which are fairly extensive) are condensed into this single page.  Searching for the most important service, which is customer support, is especially difficult.


Pricing details can be found on a separate page.  The heading for the prices is very small and is not highlighted, which make it difficult to locate. The cheapest product is High School level paper done within 14 days - $16,49. The price for a 12 hours deadline paper of Master’s level is$35.49 per page that is approximately 300 words.   Moreover, the discount packages offered are not as good as competitor site.  They claim that repeat customers can get better discounts, but the operator did not give us a better price when we asked.

Customer Support

For complaints and support services, they have a 24/7 hotline number, chat system, and emailing support system.  However, all three services failed. 

Operators of the landlines are very busy and this affects the way they handle complaints.  They seem to be very busy and didn’t give us the attention we felt our case deserved.

There were no writers available for chat.  This could have been a good venue for last minute instructions and modifications, but if no one is online, it’s pointless in having this feature.

We were very specific regarding the revisions that we wanted them to work on using the last resort through email, but they failed to address the points we made properly.

Writing Quality

To summarize, we felt the quality was very poor. To test their claims that they can produce high quality university papers, we ordered a ten page dissertation in a very challenging subject.  What they delivered was something more akin to a high school paper - sentence construction was very poor and the word choice was at a High School level.

Order Peculiarities

The process of ordering papers is quite complex.  The registration process was very slow, and the form was quite confusing, asking for repeat information time and time again. Very frustrating!  Several payment options were offered but the payment processing was also slow, just like their writing services.


Overall, is a major failure. Their website is bland and the information is too compressed which leaves customers bewildered. The quality of work was nowhere near as good as the samples they posted on their site, definitely not worth the higher than average rates they charge.  More importantly, their customer service is dysfunctional at best. They don’t even know the importance of beating the deadline because they are so lax. Important points for revisions are never properly addressed which adds to the general bad feeling.

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