Editor's Rating:

While final products are received on time and by the deadline, it cannot downplay the unprofessional customer support service, the high prices, and the poor quality of writing received by the customers.

Editor's Rating:

While has a well structured website, the actual writing available from the online writing service leaves a bit to be desired. A suggestion is to improve the overall level of quality when it comes to writing as the prices associated with the papers do not match the final product that is received. Furthermore, the customer service center at needs to be much more professional when it comes to answering queries from the current and prospective customers.

Editor's Rating: needs significant improvement before it can be considered a reliable service. They need to improve customer support channels stick to the agreed deadlines. In addition, the website could do be more user-friendly. Finally, while the prices are on the low end of the scale, the quality of writing was poor, so much so that the clients will likely need to make revisions themselves.

Editor's Rating: needs to improve the services they offer. To accommodate more customers and reduce confusion, the main page must be redesigned. The telephone support system needs to be improved, and they do not provide testimonials to validate their credibility. Prices were pretty low but even so, for the quality of work delivered, we were disappointed.

Editor's Rating:

For the prices they charge, we felt that they were quite unprofessional. The writers’ quality is clearly not up to scratch as several revisions were needed before the paper was acceptable. In addition, the support system was not that great – ultimately we had to email them and they responded in 12 hours. Lastly, the website itself is disorganized and needs rearrangement. It is not very user friendly, and consequently takes time to find the information you need.