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Website usability

Writing-Services.org has a simply designed interface that presents all the basic information that you will need in order to place an order with them. It also has a log-in area for members.

Customer Support

Customer support is very helpful and accommodating, and they cue you in on the major aspects of their service. They guarantee plagiarism checking, thorough manual editorial revisions. There are off-days though, when the line is dead or nobody can answer. In addition, they have email support, but it takes too long (24 hours) before a reply is given.


As with every other site like this one, it varies. The least you could pay is $16.49 per page for a High School level paper, while they charge between $27.49 and $34.49 for College level papers. It should be noted that they do not accept rush 12-hour instant delivery jobs, but they do offer a 24-hour rush service, and a lower price for a 48-hour order. They also have a discount policy for repeat customers.


The quality is tolerable, although there were some grammatical errors we had to fix. There were also some issues with plagiarism, and even after our writer had revised the paper, the plagiarism still was present.  

Order peculiarities

  • Provide drafts – if you’ve got something already pre-planned, sending it to them for polishing might be a great idea. Be sure to be detailed though, as it will only enhance the overall result.
  • 14 days revision deadline – too long, but then again, if there are a lot of problems, that’s just about enough time with some more to spare.
  • 275 words per page – yet another website that has this peculiarity. Not really much of an issue, but it’s absolutely unnecessary.
  • Free plagiarism report – that’s a given, but to indicate it is a thumbs up for the website. It is understood though that all work has to go through this stage anyways.


The website has some discrepancies and shortcomings in some places. The service is tolerable, the work is amateurish but workable, and overall the website is worth a shot although we wouldn’t put all our cards on the table for this one.

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