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Website Usability offers an easily navigable interface. The first page contains all the necessary information that a customer needs to know in order to place an order, or to understand the workings of the company’s service. One drawback is a lack of prices on the services offered. It’s necessary to contact them to get a quote which is quite annoying.


Prices vary as with every project writing website. We had to call them to find out that High School level papers start at $16.95 per page with a seven day delivery guarantee, while Graduate papers cost around $29.95 with a 24-hour delivery deal.

They offer work at all different academic levels, with various prices depending on the length of the work, the time limit, and the subject matter. They also have very clear discount schemes: 10% for first-time customers who order more than 50 pages of work from them, and 15% for return clients – overall a good deal.

Customer Support

Their customer support is a letdown. They offer chat, email, and phone services. The phone was never answered despite the fact we called several times in the day. Chat is the fastest way to ask for help, although it is turned off from time to time despite the 24 / 7 customer support they advertise.

The C. A. was unprofessional, although helpful. There’s also email, but it takes too long, and the replies are not always consistent.

Writing Quality

They offer drafts prior to deadlines, but the quality is poor. Grammatical mistakes were evident. We did ask for a revision, with moderate improvements.  The overall result was usable, but we wouldn’t feel confident about achieving a top grade like they advertise.

Order processing peculiarities

  • 100% plagiarism-free guarantee – effective, lives up to the claim. Definitely merits for this site.
  • Discounts – very good discount scheme, service based (with regards to patronage).
  • 100% on-time delivery – lives up to it, with days to spare.
  • Free revisions
  • 24 / 7 customer support – sadly, more like “every-now-and-then” customer support. Still, it’s better than nothing.
  • No hidden charges – another good thing that this site has to offer. It’s all clean, no extra expenses to pay whatsoever.


Site had some drawbacks and some merits. The writers that they have are not as good as they claim they are, and the customer support needs a lot of work. All in all, this site fails to make the grade.

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