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Website usability

We would classify this website as one that is very easy to use.  Everything is clearly marked and tabbed so that customers can find what they need quickly and easily. If problems arise, there are customer service agents standing by to help via chat, directly from the website.  Customers can fill out a fast form and have a free account within minutes of entering the website.  Once the account has been opened, they can access all areas of the website.  It is a well put together site.  It looks good, too, and was obviously professionally designed.


The pricing varies according to what services the customer asks for. If it is a dissertation level project, it is more expensive than a paper that is a lesser level of difficulty.  If a paper is requested with little time before its deadline, then it will be sold at a higher cost than one that gives the writers plenty of notice.  The pricing system seems very logical that way, just as one would respect.  It isn’t the lowest priced service on the Internet, nor is it the highest.  The prices seem fair. There is a fexible discount policy: a client can receive a 5% discount after 15 ordered pages, and then it can be 10% (>50 pages) and 15% (>100 pages). There is also a promotional 20% discount for new users.

Customer Support

The customer support team is great.  Customers can communicate with them several different ways.  If he or she sends an email, a response can be expected within a couple of hours, at most.  There is always someone on duty, 24 hours a day, so they tend to get back with their customers very quickly.  Customers can also use the chat interface on the website to chat in real time.  This is a highly recommended way to do it, because answers can be provided instantly.  Alternatively, they can also call the customer support team via the number that is provided on the website. 

Writing quality

After reading the work that is produced by this essay service, it is obvious that the writers are native English speaking professional writers.  Everything about their writing is perfect.  No mistakes of any kind, and perfect formatting.  They do a great job.

Order processing peculiarities

  • They accept a wide variety of payment options
  • They allow free revisions if requested within the first 48 hrs. after paper’s return
  • Money back guarantee against plagiarism


This is one of the veteran writing services that is well established and has been on the Internet for a long time.  They run a truly professional operation and know their stuff.  The pricing is fair, and the company is completely reliable. 

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