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The main page of the website is poorly structured.  In fact, it’s downright ugly, with big paragraphs and even bigger, bolder headings compressed into each other.  This makes it particular difficult for users to identify the various skills the service can provide.  It’s difficult to search for sample papers as well, which is a pain as most users will want to read these first. To be honest, we felt dizzy scrolling up and down just to find out the specific services that they can provide.


It was disappointing to find they do not provide a thorough price list of their services.  They boast of affordable rates compared with other services of this kind, but they have not provided a comparative listing of their rates.

Customer Support has presented their services geared towards customer support in 3 ways; through telephone calls, online chat, or their email support system.  However, we found that each of these methods were big failures. 

Lines are always busy – we called several times during the day and got no response.  Finally, when we did get through, the operator didn’t take the call seriously and eventually put us on hold for so long that we hung up.

Chat rooms are also useless because if there are many customers chatting with the operators, you may be left on your own.

As for the email system, we had to wait more than 24 hours for a response – quite simply, that’s too long if urgent assignments are concerned.

Writing Quality

The company claims that they have a team of professionals that can handle all sorts of paper requirements.  However, there are still grammar and spelling errors even in High School term papers.  The writers also don’t seem to follow specific instructions which you have laid down for them to serve as a guide.  The paper we received was too disorganized to comprehend easily.

Order Peculiarities

We were thoroughly dissatisfied with the poor quality of work.  Even if they may have delivered the papers ahead of the schedule, this doesn’t make up for the need for revisions because of the poor quality and several visible errors we discovered. 


Our opinion is that is not the right company to satisfy our needs for professional writing services.  The writers in the first place show no signs of professionalism in them, as most of them do not know how to organize their thoughts.  More importantly, the company should greatly improve their customer services as we find them to be inferior and discouraging for students.

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