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Website Usability

All the information about the website has been jumbled up into one page.  It’s hard to go over the specifics when you need to look into their services.  For instance, searching about testimonials from clients means scrolling the page down.  It was hard finding other details as well because the items presented were not organized.  Instead, they were all lumped up into one setting.


The prices were outrageous! Students need all the help they can get, and this site certainly doesn’t do that. Some students, particularly working students, are not able to meet deadlines diligently because of conflicting work schedules. The rates offered are variably high compared to other similar providers. The website can at least look into more appealing rates so most students can afford their services. The price starts at $16,49 per page for a High School level paper to be written within 14 days, and goes as high as $34,49 per page for a PhD level paper delivered within 24 hours delivery.

Customer Support

The website boasts of having operators on standby to handle all complaints about their services.  However, there were several occasions where important calls could not get through because the lines were always busy.  Furthermore, only a handful landline numbers were given.

The chat support system wasn’t very efficient either because their staff don’t seem to handle complaints competently.  They try to put calls on hold for several minutes and never seem to give a straight answer to student’s concerns.  Other times, the particular writer assigned is not available to chat which leaves you helpless when it comes to relaying important points for revisions.

The operators are also very discourteous in handling complaints, something that makes us wonder why they were being assigned such a task in the first place.

Writing Quality

Most writers working for this website don’t seem to be professionals in their field.  When you take the time to submit a thorough draft, it’s expected that the writers will know how to handle it and produce quality work.  However, we were very disappointed upon receiving the final paper.  First, it was delivered after the deadline passed.  The quality of the paper also was very poor and the ideas were all puzzling to read.  We pleaded for a lower rate, but they did not provide any discounts.

Order Peculiarities

The paper was poorly written and the customer support was lousy.  There were even some misspelled words.  Rates were inflexible.


The services offered are misleading to clients.  They make false promises - in the end we would have been better off doing the paper ourselves. We were very disappointed in this service.

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